Ashram Season 1 (2020) – WebSeries Review (Watch Online on MX Player App)

Ashram Season 2 (2020) – WebSeries Review (Watch Online on MX Player App)

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The much talked about, anticipated and embroidered and controversy piece of work, starring bobby deol in the lead role was the mx player. Web series ashram the series directed by prakash jhaa. written by habi faisal is set in the cities of ayodhya faizabad and gonda in the states of uttar pradesh. and focuses on increasing influence. and power of baba nirala played by bobby. deol a revered self-proclaimed god. man that with his multiple charities and. benevolence has become extremely popular. with the masses, while his stature and fan following, provides the purpose of living for some, especially common and naive folk others, which include politicians and the police. force are cautious of his rising, popularity while an old case resurfaces of a body, being found of a missing girl. several factions work in regards to, safeguarding their interests in, leveraging their personal agenda at the, time of chaos. this leads to several secrets of, political parties businessmen the police. force and especially the ashram and the. revered god man come in the forefront. the prakasha web series through its. characters sheds light on several.

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Contentious issues like corruption, social labels in society the regressive. caste system, the hollow nature of marketing and blind, faith in society and its ramifications. here’s me telling you the good and bad, aspects in no particular order so that, you guys can ultimately decide whether. this web series is worth your time, or not length and stretch narrative it’s, important to know that the series is, close to 8. hours in length and 9 episodes long each, episode in its duration ranges from 45. to 53 minutes, this often leads to the screenplay, spending more time in setting up the. world in which the web series is based. in, which in moments you will find justified, in order to develop, empathy for the characters but often. through several sequences, provides a sense of lethargy in. storytelling the stretched narrative is, also not just because of the time placed, in setup but the series forces you to be. a spectator of various rituals and, sermons, while these sequences provide context to. the way the ashram functions, because you know the nature of the. characters and their real intentions, a lot of the celebrations and processes, of the ashram take the space of majority. of the episodes, furthermore there are many subplots of, romantic storylines and love making, during crisis situations that don’t. blend in progressing the storyline the, series is a crime thriller essentially. and it often takes time to get into the, thick of things which might lead to a, case of impatient viewing for audiences, if the editing was a little more. ruthless the impact in storytelling.

According to me would have been far greater. the grand scale and production what, struck me the most about this web series. is the grand scale in which it is, presented when you look at each frame of. the web series you will realize the, monumental. investment that may have been made to, produce this series it is undeniable, that the series is visually spectacular. each frame possesses such vibrant colors, and attractive costumes that you can’t. help but appreciate the thought. and efforts gone in making sure each, frame sets the tone the cinematography. by chandan kohli needs to be appreciated. for capturing the essence of the series, there are several frames, where there are hundreds of extras often. in those sequences, existing many moving elements and the. production management precisely for this, deserves, all the praise visual effects and. dubbing what you will definitely notice, in the web series is there are so many. extras and sequences, especially based in the ashram as well, as the political meetings this often. leads to a very generic voice over for. the actors where the extras actually. end up sounding like versions of the. same person who has been instructed to. do the dubbing of every nameless.

It conveys about several issues our society still possesses the series successfully captures the, essence of the saying by thomas huxley skepticism is the highest duty and blind. faith the one, unpardonable sin you can watch the, series on mx player. also, please support us by visiting to our chancel, for weekly content ahead. thank you for visiting our site. 

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