Forbidden Love – Zee5 Full Movie Review

Forbidden Love – Zee5 Full Movie Review

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Forbidden Love. In an era where love has become complicated and the idea of ​​an ‘ideal marriage’ is often nothing more than a social cliché; These thrilling love stories are aimed directly at the hearts as they highlight issues that are often brushed under the carpet.Each of the four poignant films deals with themes that are still based on mainstream cinema and starring veterans like Priyadarshan, Pradeep Sarkar, Mahesh Manjrekar and Anirudh Roy Choudhary. The films are a clear indication that Indian cinema has come of age with maturity portrayal of unconventional love and audiences are ready to deal with the new-found love the way it should be.,h_304,c...

The first two films – Arranged Marriage and Anamika – explore the tradition of marriage and how it falters with modern love and aspirations that reveal many dark secrets and troubled lives. These stories tell of same-sex relationships and the episodes of marriage of a middle-aged married woman. They will premiere on September 9 on the OTT platform.

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The film tells the story of Dev (Ali Fazal) and Neil (Omkar Kapoor), who are in love and do not have the courage to face their families about their sexuality of choice. Neil marries Dev’s cousin Kia (played by Paterlekha Paul), a young bride troubled by Neil’s lack of interest in sex. She decides to go to any lengths to make her marriage work. In the process, she meets a doctor and together treats her disease of homosexuality ‘Neil’.

In this saga of emotions, betrayal and revelation, director Pradeep Sarkar handles the relationship of Dev and Neil with the maturity he deserves. The story, at any level, attempts to normalize the taboos surrounding same-sex relationships, which is still a hush-hush affair in Indian society as it depicts a loving relationship between two men who live in their families. I can not tell about my sexuality.

Actor Patrelkha Paul presents an excellent performance as no one can sympathize with this young girl who lost her mother early in life and now wants to stop her marriage. His only confidant, Kaki, is steeped in superstition and, in some ways, a reflection of centuries-old practices still prevalent in society.

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