Khuda Haafiz – Full Movie Review

Khuda Haafiz – Full Movie Review

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The women’s rescue track has always been unique in cinema. Princesses and brides have been lost until now the mighty men who grabbed the mountains and the sea in search of them, fought with spies and good-hearted strangers. In time, the sleeping princesses became young daughters and the brave princes became the fathers of ‘certain skills’. But for its part, the genre taken is not very different from the myths we all grew up with.

Khuda Haafiz Movie Review: Vidyut Jammwal Is A Lone Warrior In This Action Flick

Faruk Kabir’s Khuda Haafiz is a modern translation of the same. The girl is in mourning and our hero cries out for heaven to bring her back. Sure, make one watch for fun, but it rarely surprises you.

Khuda Haafiz is said to have been inspired by real events about the man being sought by his wife. Vidyut Jammwal plays a software engineer, Sameer, who is married to Shivaleeka Oberoi’s call center operator, Nargis. Their happy homeland comes with a fall during the 2007-2008 recession and both lost their jobs, forcing them to find work overseas.

The wife gets a job in a fraudulent Middle Eastern country called Noman. He says goodbye to her, hoping to meet her in a few days. However, after a day you get a terrible call. The frightened wife tells him that she has been kidnapped and mistreated by strangers. The husband exits directly to Noman International Airport, looking for his missing wife. After being harassed by reckless police Nomani and the lazy Indian Ambassador, who is a friendly taxi driver, played by Annu Kapoor, by godend.

Together, the husband and driver found a meat-selling racket in the heart of Manan and his wife and got caught in it. With or without the help of the police, our software engineer fights 20 men at a time, killing a few, driving more than a few of them, all bringing his wife home.

खुदा हाफिज: ना खुदा ही मिला, ना विसाल-ए सनम, पर इन वजहों से देख सकते हैं  फिल्म - Khuda haafiz movie review vidyut jaamwal shivalika oberoi action  film tmov atsn - AajTak

However, by looking at Vidyut’s film so far, the action has been greatly reduced. Even when confronted with a few men at the same time, the act does not seem completely unbelievable. He does not pull on any helicopter kick or jump on cranes but stabs a man with a fork or throws pepper in another’s eyes. There is a sleek, unadulterated quality of the graphics on the battle scenes that bring out the realities. Now, only if they hadn’t played love songs over the bloody blooms coming out of the jugular vein.

Music is definitely not very imaginative. The creation of ‘Noman’ shorts is always followed by stereotypical music ‘Middle East’ directed at Alif Laila. Ouds are heard every time a bearded general appears, a mob leader smokes a hookah or sees a drone rifle of any building with a dome. Long ago, it was lazy and done to death.

Nomani’s community – if it really existed – would not be very happy with the submission of their claims. Now there is no statement by Nomani to compare it with that but whatever Shiv Panditt and Ahana Kumra were trying to get out of, that was not the case. Their manner of speaking has become narrower and thinner everywhere, and each time it is more embarrassing than before. While Annu Kapoor seemed to be a child and nature in Noman’s world, it was absurd that so many letters were fluent in Hindi.

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Such embarrassment even though one of the people who knows Hindi, never gets a chance to open his mouth. The first time we meet Nargis, the battered husband raises his voice, simply to admire her beauty. After that, Shivaleeka simply enters a few lines and does nothing afterwards. Very little we know about him is that it is hard not to think of him as just a lost load on a plane. Although he is the one who was kidnapped, trafficked for drugs and drugged out of his mind, there is no scene, a moment dedicated to making him a real person.

Khuda Haafiz, therefore, has no flaws, but works as an entertainer. Vidyut conveys the fear and anxiety of losing a loved one. The dolly and Snorricam zooms add to that effect. Fear gripped her as she received the call, it showed in her eyes and her body was shaking. Although premature nervousness has subsided, it is accompanied by fear.

The person who really enjoys this book, Khuda Haafiz is entertaining enough. Drive an inch in depth and errors are there for anyone to see.


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